Scenic is a software solution for Property Developers that holistically covers all the processes of the business. From back-office procedures to on-site project management and health & Safety, Scenic centrally orchestrates your data between departments to have your business reach a new level of efficiency.

Nobody understands Real Estate and Property Development Software more than we do. This is something that we can promise, hand on heart. ISB Technologies has been developing software for real estate agencies internationally as well as for health & safety organisations in the construction industry for the past 6 years.

Throughout these years we have acquired indispensable knowledge and industry acumen which we have used in designing and developing a software solution for property developers.

Scenic by ISB Technologies is a software solution that covers and handles all the business processes involved in the property development business, starting from property / land acquisition, going through the entire property design, planning, development, project management and up to promise of sales and contract management. Everything else in between and in parallel is handled by Scenic in an easy-to-use environment, allowing all your members of staff, from different departments to centrally collaborate on a system that could either run on the cloud, or on your premises.

The solution is modular, allowing you to give different members of staff in different positions, different privileges according to their roles. The following is a general view of the modules that make up Scenic for Property Developers:

  • Property Acquisition Opportunities Tracking
  • Architectural Project Management Tool (with direct integration with PA for Malta)
  • Real Estate Agency CRM
  • On-Site Construction and Finishing Project Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Procurement Management
  • Administration Management
  • Promise of Sale tracking
  • Payments due tracking
  • Contracts tracking
  • Vehicle & Machinery licensing, VRT and Insurance tracking and notifications
  • Bank Waivers

With Scenic, all your departments are looking at the latest data and you can rest assured that everyone is informed with the latest changes. Gone are the days when then architects’ office change a 3 bedroom unit into a 2 bedroom one, while your sales team is still marketing the unit with old information, leading to a promise of sale that is not in line with what you will be delivering. Such mistakes could lead into significant costs and losses and Scenic is there to save the day.

Scenic is a web-based software solution, designed with ease-of-use throughout and can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet worldwide. Furthermore, we can limit and control access to the system for certain users and roles as may be necessary.

Speak to us today to set a demonstration of Scenic to learn more on how efficiency through software can help you grow your business in an organised and sustainable fashion.