ISB Technologies offers online business owners with an advanced and fully-featured eCommerce platform developed entirely in-house by our team of IT professionals. The eCommerce platform allows business owners to effortlessly manage their online product inventory, provide secure payments and enhance their customers’ experience.

First released in 2012, the eCommerce platform has grown and evolved to meet all the latest requirements of online shopping. ISB Technologies issues quarterly updates for the platform as part of its on-going maintenance agreement, and new and improved features are added with every release.

The eCommerce platform is a flexible, scalable and fully customisable solution that adapts seamlessly to any industry or sales volumes. The platform comes with an extensive number of back-end and front-end features that provide users with the ability to manage every facet of their online business.

Security is a primary concern for all online business owners. Our team addressed this important issue by developing and implementing a sophisticated role-based admin security module which allows administrators to assign multiple levels of privileges and authorisation to different users signed in on the system.

The emphasis on building a highly secure eCommerce platform extends to the product management module. This provides users with varying levels of security privileges that allows them to manage products on the online inventory, as well as manage and classify product variants according to different size, colour and specifications.

Ensuring optimal customer experience is a crucial consideration when running an online retail outlet. The presence of product images and videos enhance a customer’s experience while browsing through products, instil greater confidence in the company’s trustworthiness and improve sales.

ISB Technologies' eCommerce platform also features a product categorisation module that facilitates customer searches for a certain product by allowing administrators to create as many categories, subcategories and dedicated brand sections as required, and assign products to single or multiple (sub-)categories or brand pages.

Additionally, the product image and video gallery modules offer users the possibility of uploading images and videos that describe particular products, as well as specific product variants.

Among other administrator back-end facilities, product users can benefit from a related products module which allows them to use the platform to set up upselling and cross-selling opportunities that automatically suggest additional product that complement customer selections when adding items to their shopping cart.

Besides those already described, ISB Technologies' eCommerce platform offers many more back-end features, including modules for setting up special offers, promoting the latest products added, accept product reviews and coupon codes, as well as an advanced reporting module which returns key insights about customer usage and spending habits.

Amongst the front-end eCommerce facilities offered by this platform, business owners can easily set up advanced search options, create navigational menus, set up accounts for registered users with order history and tracking, implement an intuitive yet comprehensive checkout process, integrate their website with all major social media networks and offer customers an intuitive product comparison facility