ISB Technologies has been providing software services that cater specifically for the needs of businesses in the retail industry since the company’s inception. The team of experts behind the IT solutions that ISB Technologies offers for retail outlets have been servicing the industry for almost a decade, thus bringing an extensive and intimate knowledge of retailers’ needs and the way these can be fulfilled optimally.

The range of IT systems for retailers by ISB Technologies includes customised eCommerce platforms, custom-built opportunity managements, point of sales software as well as top-grade retail hardware. Every one of these products can be adapted to the unique requirements of each business, from medium-sized retail companies to multi-outlet enterprises.

eCommerce platforms developed by ISB Technologies are fully customisable systems that enhance retailers’ ability to take advantage of online sales, extending their business’s reach to every part of the world. These platforms offer a greatly simplified way for business to handle data thanks to a large number of integrated eCommerce modules and industry standard ERP systems.

Moreover, online retailers can take advantage of ISB Technologies' intelligent product recommendation systems that boost revenue by offering customers automatic and highly relevant cross selling and upselling opportunities using sophisticated product scoring systems, as well as opportunity management systems that maximise the profitability of sales leads.

Efficient IT systems are at the core of modern retail. ISB Technologies can provide businesses in this industry with the expertise necessary to set up or upgrade their networking and IT in order to help them run their companies more effectively and provide a better service to customers.

ISB Technologies also offers point of sales software and heavy duty retail hardware for large enterprises, as well as system engineering services.