ISB Technologies is one of the foremost real estate software suppliers locally and in Europe, delivering bespoke property management solution which gives real estate agencies rapid and secure access to property and customer data to assist agents in closing sales faster.

Our system has been successfully implemented in real estate agencies of all sizes, including multiple-site enterprises which benefit from a having a shared system that every employee can interact with. Clients in the industry who have already adopted the system have commented positively on its array of sophisticated features and the fact that no advanced IT knowledge is required to manage it.

The real estate management system developed by ISB Technologies is a complete solution which was developed following an intense analysis of the real estate industry business processes and the core requirements of real estate agents. This made it possible to pinpoint those everyday jobs which could be automated in order to allowing agents to focus on what they do best – sell properties.

The platform is a fully-featured management system that can be used out-of-the-box thanks to a variety of in-built modules, such as listings management, customer relationship management, property suggestions and the interactive dashboard. However, users also benefit from added flexibility since ISB Technologies' REMS offers seamless integration with commonly used third-party applications like SalesForce CRM. Moreover, our team keeps abreast with the latest upgrades in technology, security and new facilities for agents, releasing new versions and updates of the platform every 3 months.

The team of IT professionals at ISB Technologies have serviced real estate agents both by setting up a stand-alone system for their company and, more commonly, by providing a holistic implementation of REMS together with an integrated front-end website providing agents and customers alike with easy access to the powerful functionalities of the platform and the information they require.

System administrators can provide role-based access to other users according to their level of authorisation and frequency of use. ISB Technologies' property management system has been used with great success by companies employing over 30 real estate agents, who need to be able to log to the system at any time while ensuring that load balancing and business continuity measures in place.