ISB Technologies has developed customised IT systems for a wide variety of hospitality and catering establishments, including restaurants, hotels and guest houses.

ISB Technologies has serviced businesses of all sizes in the hospitality industry, from small economy accommodations to upmarket hotels and restaurants, and assisted them in taking full advantage of highly advanced IT networks and systems which make running their business a simpler and more efficient task.


In an industry where attention to detail is crucial, ISB Technologies consultants work alongside small and large enterprises to fully understand their needs and develop IT solutions which address their main business challenges and help them deliver a higher quality service to their customers while reducing the overall system’s total cost of ownership.

ISB Technologies has implemented sophisticated network architectures for restaurants, hotels and guest houses that allow rapid exchange of key information throughout your property or establishment, and ensure that management and staff are connected at all times with the central IT system.

Our experts have also developed server systems, as well as providing web development services such as bespoke online booking engines and other online solutions which can be seamlessly integrated with any of the leading and industry-standard hotel management systems.