ISB Technologies recognises the importance of leveraging technological advances in providing students a more convenient way to participate in their educational journeys starting from course find, course booking and beyond.

Educational bodies have become increasingly reliant on technology to assist in the running of their day-to-day academic operations and enable them to maintain the high teaching standards they aspire to.

ISB Technologies provides academic bodies with cutting-edge, purpose-designed software systems that help them manage their teaching resources better and ensure that these are used in the best way possible to facilitate the work of teaching professionals in unlocking the full potential of their students.

The software development team and business consultants at ISB Technologies have extensive experience in assisting educational institutes locally and around the world.

The company has collaborated with a variety of schools based in Malta, Switzerland and England, and as a result of this extensive experience in the field it has acquired an in-depth understanding of the business process involved in the running of educational bodies.

With this firm grasp of the fundamental challenges involved in managing academic operations, ISB Technologies is able to provide colleges and institutes with a range of software tools that help them reach their goals more easily.

ISB Technologies has provided educational institutes with:

  • Class management tools;
  • Systems that track course availabilities and allocations;
  • Online course quotations and online course bookings solutions;
  • Networking and infrastructure, including: servers, network cable laying, as well as dedicated hardware such as projectors, interactive whiteboards, etc.