The worlds of banking and finance have become so tightly linked with the technological innovations made in the field that the two have become indistinguishable.

ISB Technologies provides banks and other financial institutions with the means to effectively and effortlessly leverage the latest technological know-how in order to address their increasingly complex and dynamic IT needs.

The IT experts at ISB Technologies  have worked closely with a number of Maltese banks that have chosen to outsource their in-house IT requirements in Java, C# and SQL Server to an organisation that can provide them with timely and secure solutions to their needs.

ISB Technologies professionals have proven to be instrumental partners for these local banking institutions in ensuring that the projects they were running were delivered on schedule and in accordance with the strict security requirements that their industry demands.

The intersection between banking and technology has also radically changed the way these institutions serve their clients, notably through the rise in popularity of online and mobile banking solutions that offer a more convenient and intuitive way of accessing personal and business banking services.

In this regard, ISB Technologies has been contracted to provide a white-labelled mobile application for internet banking on both iOS and Android platforms.

The successful delivery of the app depended on a number of essential conditions, including the ability to seamlessly integrate the bank’s APIs to provide a secure yet comfortable mobile experience of personal banking for the bank’s clients.

ISB Technologies professionals developed a product that fulfilled these conditions and which could be rolled out in a satisfactory manner to clients who would use it for their daily banking needs.