ISB provides real estate agencies with a bespoke property management solution which affords businesses of all sizes with superior flexibility and scalability options, helping them meet the changing demands of their industry, simplify their operations and sell property faster.

REMS is a comprehensive real estate management system designed by ISB for real estate agencies located in Malta and Europe. The platform was developed with the aim of fulfilling the most pressing and universal requirements of property negotiators, such as: streamline administrative work, provide advanced property search, as well as manage appointments with clients.

REMS by ISB also addresses the particular needs of individual real estate agencies. The system can be easily customised to better reflect the operative approach of specific businesses. This is possible through the variety of integrated modules in REMS which can be activated or disabled according to the company's prevailing requirements.

As a web-based property management solution, REMS offers real estate agencies the possibility of using it either as a stand-alone platform for their activities, or else of integrating it with their website to enhance the sale of properties online.

Moreover, the system also allows administrators to easily set and manage access to the data stored within it by assigning different levels of authorisation to individual users according to their role or username, thus limiting access to sensitive data to devices located at the company's offices only or those used by managers.

Senior Management can be assured of a high level of protection where it comes to their real estate data as ISB's team will customise the system according the company's security needs and afford owners full control over stored information.

The real estate system development team at ISB can lend real estate agencies their expertise in order to advise on technological applications that can make their business operate more efficiently and help them sell property faster.

As a fully-featured platform, REMS reduces the complexity of running a property business and allows real estate professionals to focus on what matters most: selling property fast.

Among the wide range of features available on REMS, the most commonly implemented include:

  • Secure role-based login with different privileges
  • Choose whether property negotiators can access the system remotely or from the office only
  • Easy property listings management
  • Property image & video galleries
  • Manage different deal types such as ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’
  • Manage different rental prices for different renting seasons
  • Add as many property categories as you please
  • System automatically identifies related properties according to price range, property category and geo-location
  • Flag featured and new properties
  • Automatic promotion of reduced price properties
  • Advanced reporting
  • Clients management
  • Segregate and analyse individual negotiator’s efforts
  • Automatic property recommendations and prompts
  • Integrate with your website – Sell Property Online & Fast!
  • Choose which and when properties are listed on your website
  • Choose which property images are displayed on your website and in the order preferred
  • Easily send property information to interested potential clients via email
  • Easily print property sheets for different purposes (with different details) including Window display sheet, negotiator’s property sheet and also property brochure for client distribution