Engagement of the best talent and constant training enable us to promise our clients with top expertise in the industry.
The vision for our growth is to ensure that our clients grow. We help our clients achieve this through total commitment by everyone at ISB.
There is always more than one way how we can achieve your goals. We only opt for the very best, time after time.


Information Systems Bureau (ISB) is committed to delivering high-quality, customised software development and systems integration for a wide range of enterprise-level projects. Since the company’s inception in 2010, the team of experts driving ISB’s success in its field have been involved on a number of high-profile projects.


ISB has grown rapidly throughout the years and forged a reputation for excellence in its flagship custom software development and enterprise level systems integration services, as well as for its array of in-house developed solutions, including eCommerce platform development, project management and IT projects outsourcing among other services.

Although ISB today has a team of IT professionals working in its fold, the company first started out as a vision in the mind of founder and director Alan Darmanin. Alan rapidly built the company to its current state from the ground-up thanks to his strong conviction in the core values espoused by ISB, which he later transmitted to the group of professionals that now make up the team.

The dynamic team behind ISB consists of individuals with a variety of skills and expertise areas, yet sharing a unified mindset that is progress-oriented and results-driven. The diversity of ideas that arise from the team members is the main source of creativity in the way ISB tackles new projects, as well as the motivating force that compels the company to consistently deliver best-in-class solutions that exceed clients’ expectations.

The tangible results of the solutions implemented by ISB can be clearly observed in the feedback given by clients. Increased productivity and more efficiency in meeting key business targets are only two of the key outcomes that the IT systems developed and installed by ISB professionals that clients benefit from.

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